My name is Bengt Jönsson and I am driving milk-truck at Lotab
in Varberg, Sweden. For whole my life I have been interested in
trucks, especially milk-trucks, from that have been riding with
daddy Erland in my childhood until today.  


As early as when I was two weeks old, the baby-carriage was put in to
the Volvo N88 and I have ever since then had to do with trucks in one
or another way. When I was about 4-5 years old, the best I knew was
to ride with my daddy and collect milk and then go to the dairy in
Gothenburg with “73:an”, a Volvo N10 of year 1976. At the dairy my mom
put on me PVC-coated trousers and that was necessary because now I was
going to clean the rims on the trailer. I remember that I thought it was
very curios that the rims was so very dirty, but now I know better…


So the time went, when other children played football and others, I was
riding milk truck. In the school everybody has to do some practice at
local companies, I was a trainee at Oltrans (trucking-company) in
Falkenberg in their garage and there I also started to work at holidays
and weekends. In the gymnasium I was only interested in the vehicle
technology side and that also lead to holiday-work at Wohléns (Scania)
in Varberg since Oltrans now had gone bankruptcy. After finished
education of transport technical side in Halmstad, now it was time for
the first job as a driver.    

In June 1990 I started at ”Långås Trä”, at first with serving customers
and others, but when I got the drivers-license in the autumn I started
as a driver there. With an old Scania 111 (5,40 wheelbase!) I was
delivering building-materials around west Sweden. After 4 years there
I was rather tired of this and of the old truck and I knew that a new
truck was not possible for several years. A friend of me then asked me
if I wanted to drive a shipment to Scania in Luleå together with him. It
was panic with the goods and the customer demanded two drivers. I took
three days of from my work and joined my friend. Ooh, how funny it was
to be able to drive so far away, some days at home during low season I
wasn’t driving one single meter!


The week after the trip to Luleå, my friend called me again: could
I perhaps drive a trip by myself this time? No problems, I took
some more days of from my work and this time I drove a trip in
Västergötland, Småland and Värmland (provinces in Sweden). After
that I said to my friend’s boss that this was not a good way: either
give me a work or please stop calling me. The boss promised to get
in touch with me within one week, but during that week an other man
contacted me: Anders Ivarsson at Lotab in Varberg asked me if I
wanted to work with him as vacation-displacer with a promise of a
permanent work after that. Like a donkey between two wisps of hay…
I said no thank you to Anders and started instead at Hallands
Transport in Falkenberg in May 1994. To be able to driving abroad
was more tempting then to drive milk truck.


The years at Hallands Transport was very amusing and instructive, if
you are driving long distances abroad, you mostly have to make yourself
on your own, there aren’t always someone to ask and if you, like me,
got involved in a road accident where everybody only talks German,
well, then it isn’t so easy. But mostly it was amusing! We was about 25
Swedish drivers at the trucking-company and it happened often that
one could go together or spending weekends together with some
college and those memories I want to remember today. The other side
of the coin is of course that the social life is suffering and then becomes
the colleges some kind of a family. After four years driving on the
European roads, I thought that the time had come to do something
else. After a phone call to Anders at Lotab and one month notice, I
was now in the milk-truck business.    


.In May 1998 I started to work at Lotab in Varberg. At first as a
vacation-displacer at the whey-(pigs food) trucks and after that I
learned the milk-trucks and drove as displacer at all the trucks. In
the autumn 1999 I got a permanent job at the milk-trucks, however,
I sometimes takes an extra task at the whey- or the cream-trucks
to keep myself updated an because it is funny with some variation.  

My interest for milk-trucks isn’t always shared by my wife: often when
I have got new pictures of milk-trucks, she snorting “malakomaschine”,
(she is from Russia), but luckily she can stand it!

Check in my pictures!!!

Perhaps next generation drivers? My daughter
Elisabeth, 8 months is testing daddy’s milk truck.