How do I then get an idea like this?

Well, some people collect stamps, some people like gathering mushrooms, other likes
 football (hunting a leather-bundle on a lawn…?). I, on the other hand, have a certain
interest of trucks, particularly milk-trucks.  

If one, like me, almost has grown up in a milk-truck, is this interest
perhaps not so curios. When I was just two weeks old, the baby-carriage
was put in to the Volvo N88 and the rest is history.

Early in 2005 I saw an article in the magazine ”Trucking Scandinavia”
about the history of Swedish milk-trucks and the article also contained
a lot of interesting pictures. Then I started to think: there has to be a lot
of  people that have pictures of milk-trucks that I would like to se, but how
would that be possible? Well, if I say that I will scan all those peoples
pictures and then burn them on a disc, I would do two things at the same
time: on the one hand people will get their pictures on a disc, on the other
hand I will have the privilege to look at all the pictures!


So it started to come in some pictures to my little project and after
awhile, my brother thought that we should put some of it out on the
internet so that people could see what I was in to. That was very
useful because I got some credit and more people promised that
they would contribute pictures. Me and my brother sat and improvised
about the disc and came to the conclusion that when the disc was
finished, we had to improve the site somehow and at the same time
register a fitting domain-name. Since the word “mjölkbilar” (the
Swedish word for milk-trucks) contains the Swedish letter “Ö”, we
thought that this wasn’t a good name. We also didn’t like to mix
in the name of a dairy-company into this site and even if not all
milk-products has been transported in a “tankbil” (the Swedish word
for tank-truck) so the name of this page had to be just

 I hope that it will bring you a lot of pleasure!